A Few Movies to Delight your Senses and Whet your Appetite for Car Racing Adventures


From the earliest ages, racing between people, dogs, horses, chickens, or for that matter, anything that runs, were conducted all over the world.  People love taking wagers on who is going to win.  When movie making started, it’s a natural conclusion that some kind of racing would take place somewhere in the movie.  And then later whole movies were made of racing in its different categories.  Enjoy watching some of these, old and new, racing car movies.


The Herbie franchice

  1. The Herbie franchice: “The Love Bug”.  This movie was made in 1963 and was the first in the series of comedy films.  Starring an anthropomorphic, pearl-white racing Volkswagen Beetle named Herbie.  The movie follows Herbie through many adventures.  Following the first movie, there is “Herbie goes Bananas”, and in 2005,”Herbie:  Fully Loaded”, follows.  The movies depict the woes of an automobile racing family, with Herbie, being the racing automobile.
  2. Ben-Hur: This movie was already done a few times over the years.  It features a young prince accused of treason and then loses everything.  The movie plays out in Roman times, and ends with an epic and deadly Chariot race.  This life action was described as:  “any action sequence from the ‘Fast and Furious’ franchise.
  3. “Fast and Furious” franchise: Consisting of eight movies, including; “The fast and the Furious”, “Fast Five”, “2 Fast 2 Furious”, “The Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift”, “Fast and Furious 6”, etc.  This is American Street Racing at its best.  Ex-cons team up with Law Enforcement and works undercover to ultimately save the day.
  4. Greased Lighting: A taxi cab driver in Post World War 2, learns his craft by transporting illegal ‘Moonshine’ in the backwoods of Virginia.  He became a veteran driver and in the end wins all his battles with the police and racetrack owners.
  5. Rat Race: The main plot revolves around a race to get to the train station in Silver City, New Mexico.  The winner will find $2 million in a duffel bag inside a locker.

If you ever considered yourself the racing type but do not have the car to race, relish that consideration through watching a few Racing Car movies.